Hawaii Okinawa Center

This project was completed in 1990, around the 90th anniversary of the mass Okinawan immigration to Hawaii. The project consists of a main building which houses a banquet room and stage for about 1000 people. It has restrooms,  a stage, a projection room, a kitchen, and an entry area. The stage area includes showers, restrooms, and dressing areas for performers. The projection room is in a mezzanine above the banquet level. The floor area for the main building is approximately 21,000 sq ft.

The building is a cmu split-face structure with metal roof trusses and a built-up roof of Kawara tile donated from Okinawa. The Kawara tile is an orange clay tile. The building form is in the shape of a pentagon, which alluding to the turtle, a traditional symbol of long life for Okinawans.